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14642688_320971051605951_1402761485_nI’m Jordan Laidler a North East blogger from the Historic Cathedral city of Durham, I’m engaged to Nicola Hammond and have two little girls Lucy (Born 27/5/2015) and Holly (Born 03/05/2016).

My Story:

I thought I’d share with you all my story on my path to where I am today. I have done a small but accurate time table following some of the most (or meant to be) important years of my life.

1994 – The year I was born and came into this world to two fantastic parents Wayne & Sylvia Laidler. I was born on 01 January 1994 and lived in Northumberland.

2003 – After my mother was told she could no longer have kids 2003 well to be honest 2002 came as a big surprise, my little sister grace born. She was also born in January and also funny enough on 1st too. I’m sure I asked for an Xbox for my birthday not a little sister….

2010 – I completed Secondary School and came into the big bad world, I decided I would go to College and study IT which I did for 2010 and 2011.

2011 – I completed my IT course and got the highest possible results in it equalling 4 A*s. I then decided I would do Media Studies. I went for a level 3 in Media Studies at college and it was here that I met some good friends.

2012 – Still studying media I also decided I’d follow my life long dream to serve Queen and Country in the British Army. It was a year of hard work and training one which seen me go from a fat kid as I had been to good healthy weight. The year also seen me apply to join 1st Battalion the Royal Regiment of Fusilier (1 RRF).

2013 – I completed my Media Course and got the grades I wanted however, where most people in my class decided to move onto University I opted for the British Army. It was this year which will prove to be a year which tested my character and seen me fall into a bit of a dark area. My career in the British Army did not last long, I was medically withdrawn and informed I would have to wait said amount of years till I can reapply. I therefore went into a state of feeling down and not really looking forward to each day. I would keep the feelings I was having to myself and I started loosing the motivation to train to do anything really. I was stuck in a bar job which I enjoyed worked with plenty of great people and made some good friends.

2014 – This year effectively became a year which put me back on track, I met Nicky who I’m engaged too in a space of less than 12 months I would have met Nicky, have our first child on the way and got engaged. However, one thing was still missing and that was my career path I was doing a boring old call centre job one which had me stressed and angry and eventually I had to leave and become ‘unemployed’ due to me thinking for mental health. However I left this job right at the end of 2014.

2015 – I got a new job less than 2 weeks after leaving my old job I got a new one and it was at a Hotel and Restaurant. This job would open my eyes to a whole new career and to something that had been missing from my life. Up to this point I could barely cook in fact I’d just eat frozen unhealthy food. Working at this hotel I learned a lot about food and decided to train as a chef. The year was going great and in May our little girl Lucy Olivia Rose was born. I eventually left where I was working and worked in a number of other places in Durham before working self employed as a cater. The year was not finish and shortly after Lucy was born we found out Nicky was pregnant again.

2016 – An exciting year the birth of our baby girl was May Holly Rose Laidler became the fourth member of our family. Thankfully we have yet to have more children so no more pleasant surprises this year. The year was really normal nothing too much happening just working and working. However, in November I launched my blog this one and it has since grown and still growing now.

2017 – So far this year I have launched my youtube channel and worked on my blog a lot more.