Chicken with a hint of Salmonella

Okay okay now I know some people are just damn right messed up when it comes to 20622176_1929814370599604_8963584331240558102_neating and cooking but this new craze, a craze which simply means idiot sandwich. People are having their chicken medium rare…. Yes I said Medium Rare CHICKEN. I used to have faith in human’s but now I feel ashamed.

So this new craze is that people are enjoying their chicken as medium rare which just makes my stomach turn. I do like medium rare steak but medium rare chicken is clucking mad if you ask me. Check out these picture below at the disgusting excuse of ‘food’.

I for one will be chickening out of having my chicken cooked with a hint of Salmonella and I highly recommend you do too. What do you think of this new absolutely stomach churning food craze?

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