The new section – ‘A Dad’s Life’

I have finally decided to launch a new section on the blog (A Dad’s Life) all about being a dad, for those who don’t know I have two little girls Lucy and Holly who are just 11 months apart. Lucy is aged 2 and Holly is 1 and they are both amazing and expensive! This brand new section is going to be all about children stuff including food, drink, products and much more.

Why have I setup this section?

Simple really, I wanted to share my life as a father, my experiences and tips on fatherhood. Being a dad is the best thing in the world and an extremely proud thing to be, but there’s so much to learn about being a dad like changing bums (I almost vomit every time), choosing the right food, dressing your baby and more. I wanted to share what I do and enjoy in the road of fatherhood.

 Meet the girls;

DSC_0325.JPGLucy Olivia

Lucy was mine and Nicky’s first child she was born in May 2015. Lucy loves nothing more than playing outside and cuddling her best friend Colin (The caterpillar).



Holly Rose

Holly was our second child and was born 11 months after Lucy also in May. Holly is very similar to Lucy she loves playing outside and her favourite thing to do is eat!


Keep up to date;

You can see the latest about the girls on our Instagram LaidlerFamily and also snapchat LaidlerFamily.

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