Tesco Dine in for £10.00 Review

I have decided I’m going to give all the major meals for 2 for £10.00 a review starting with Tesco, these deals are extremely popular for couples and at times can be a fantastic deal. Pic

You can get a selection of Main dishes, side dishes, desserts and a drink for £10.00, drinks include wine, coke and other soft drinks. I decided to ask for recommendation on what to get and people told me to get Lemon Herb Chicken, Potato Dauphinoise and Belgian Dark and White Chocolate Cheesecake I completed the deal with a bottle of Garnacha Rose.

Individual Price of meal;

  • Garnacha Rose – £7.00
  • Cheesecake – £2.75
  • Chicken – £6.00
  • Potato – £2.60

Total Individual meal price – £18.35

Getting the meal deal saves you £8.35 over buying each product individually however are the products worth £10.00?

Lemon and Herb Chicken at the individual price of £6.00 seems rather steep for 2 chicken breasts coated ready to cook, I feel you could certainly buy all ingredients and cook it yourself for cheaper. However, I did find the chicken to be rather bland with little taste and also very little herb butter inside the breast which was quite disappointing. Personally I wished I opted for a different main choice as this was truly a let down.

PicsThe side dish I bought is one of my favourite side dish choices, Potato Dauphinoise, I found this product a lot better than the main. The retail price on this product is £2.60 and I feel that’s not too shabby, you get plenty of potato for two, the flavour and texture was great and certainly the best part of the main ‘course’. I do recommend if you’re getting this deal to give this side dish a try!

For Dessert the most important course of any meal, I opted for the Cheesecake but not just an ordinary cheesecake but a Belgian Dark and White Chocolate cheesecake. It’s no secret I like cheesecake…. well cake in general and therefore I had to opt for this dessert. If you’re getting this nearer Christmas I also highly recommend the champagne profiteroles that Tesco do as part of this meal during the holiday season. The dessert was nice, a good taste but towards the end it goes a little sickly. The base of the cake had a nice crunch and the filling was nice and firm, a fantastic overall  texture and flavour from the cake.

Finally, what the misses will say was the best bit is the wine. There’s plenty of choice to Dishbe had in the beverage department of this deal from glass bottle coke, wine and other soft drinks you are spoilt with choice. We however opted for wine and at £7.00 for the bottle at product retail price it’s a bit of a no brainer if you’re going for the best deal. The wine itself I could not drink as I got heart burn from it but Nicky fully enjoyed her glass and mine.

Overall I feel the meal deal itself is good value for money in terms of saving from individual price, my main certainly let it down I don’t see how the chicken would be worth £6.00. The choices of other products is their and there’s a fair amount of choice. Please let me know what you favourite main, side, dessert and drink is via twitter by tweeting @JordLaidler.

I will be doing more meal deal reviews from other stores in the coming weeks. 


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