Judge Stand Mixer Review

Recently Judge sent me their Hand and Stand Mixer to revieButterfly Cakew, I have been needing a stand mixer for a very long time so when I seen Pam Ballone looking for influencer to review the Judge stand mixer I had to contact her. I have used the mixer to make a cheesecake and also let my mother make a mixture of cakes with it too, I thought I would get two points of view of it. My mother is a big baker and has baked all her life and loves to make cakes, pastry’s and more so I thought she would be the best person to review the product.

Sylvia’s thoughts (My mother);Judge1

So my mother has been using the stand mixer, my mother had an accident a few years ago where she had broke her wrist and ever since then when she mixes by hand manually it causes her hand to swell up. Because it hurts her and causes swelling she rarely bakes now so I thought she’d be perfect to review this mixer and critique for me.

Sylvia has used the mixer to bake a selection of cakes and here is her initial thoughts on the product; “The mixer was very easy to assemble with straight forward simple instructions. The mixer blends everything well and consistent however you do have to use a spatula at times as ingredients would build up at one side of the bowl. Cleaning the mixer was extremely simple and fuss free as blades just come off and rinse clean. Having struggled of recent years due to an accident to bake especially mixing ingredients, this product has allowed me to start baking again. The simple yet effective hardware that is Judge Stand mixer provides a more comfortable baking experience for fuss free mixing. I would highly recommend the product as it’s high quality, a good design and a bargain price compared to many other similar products”.

Jordan’s thoughts;

cookie 2I decided to use the mixer to make a cheesecake my Cookielicious Cheese Cake I used the hand mixer to do the filling, the fuss free disconnection from stand mixer to hand mixer allows for quick and easy switching. The product seemed very sturdy and tough, you have a selection of speeds in which you can select when mixing either as a hand or stand mixer. I love how this tool/product is multi-purpose allowing you to interchange dependant on how you feel.

Overall I felt the product offers a great experience with a fuss free mix, you also get two products in one which in essence means you save money! The price again compared to other products in the category of stand mixers is really cheap but don’t be put off by the saying “you get what you pay for” because in fact this is a bargain price for such a great product by Judge.

You can find more in depth information on specifications of the product by visiting http://www.judgecookware.co.uk/Products/Electrical/Judge-Electricals-Preparation/Stand-Mixer.html

I will be doing a video review of this product in the coming weeks so make sure you keep up to date on Twitter for the video!


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