‘The Garden Shed’ Article 1

Welcome to the first edition of what I hope to be an interesting weekly series or for the most part a seasonal series. When coming up with the name of the series many names popped into my head and I ended up with this one (Maybe a working title). I want to share on my blog my journey to becoming more self sufficient from attempting to make my own alcohol to growing my veggies.

Firstly allow me to just explain where we are with what is an overgrown mess of a back garden. When I moved into my house the back garden was a complete mess, a lot of house hold items had been burnt and destroyed in the backyard not to mention overgrown grass and numerous random objects. My front garden however is a much more pleasant sight with lovely flowers growing, my herb patch, tomatoes growing, strawberry patch, Peas and chilli and pepper plants. The front garden will stay how it is allowing a place for my little girls to enjoy the lovely summer days on some nice fresh green grass.

A mission which seems ‘almost’ impossible;

When I look at my back garden I just think bloody hell I’d much rather pay someone to do it for me, but the whole point of becoming more self sufficient to me is to save money. I will start with cutting the lawn, building the shed I recently bought and also the greenhouse I’ve acquired from a neighbour who has moved. I will then build a small raised garden bed in front of the shed and then a long thin one a long the side of the greenhouse. I’m hoping this will only be a few days work but first I need to go about picking up all the bits and bobs in the garden.

I have managed to get flagstones from a neighbour who have some spare which I will put my shed on and also put two as a path in the greenhouse. I have also got a compost bin from a family friend allowing me to throw as much as I would in the bin.

I will update this blog weekly to give you an insight on the happenings in the garden. I hope those interested in the topic at hand will certainly enjoy the series and follow my journey.

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