A revamp – Jordan Laidler.

It’s time we had a real sort out of this blog, I have been sat down this week working on ways to better the blog content and more so make it more consistent. Blogging and YouTube is getting a kick up the behind and is becoming a more regular thing. I’ve been really busy recently working on client work and also sorting out personal life stuff as well as the new Foodies14 Magazine. In this blog I want to share the plans for the Blog, YouTube and more!

The Blog update;

JordanLaidler Food and DrinkWhen it comes to this blog I really want to revamp it and make it a full time commitment therefore that’s exactly what I’m doing. Right now I’m in a position where I can focus a lot of time on the blog and get a consistent amount of weekly posts up. The current posts are very poor in terms of consistency and therefore I’m putting 100% effort into making sure at least 2 blogs a week goes up. These blogs are going to be Monday and Friday and will be up at 11:00am on those days starting this Monday (10.07.2017). I may also have extra blogs up on other days dependant on what I’ve been up to.

YouTube update;

YouTube is something that is going to take up a lot of my time and therefore a new recipe a week is the plan. Wednesday’s each week starting next Wednesday (12.07.2017) there will be a new recipe on the YouTube Channel. I will also try to work around other plans and get a second video up some weeks too on a Sunday.

Facebook & Twitter Videos;

For those who have been following me on Facebook and Twitter may have already seen that I like to upload mini recipe videos which last no more than 2 minutes. I really want to get that going into a weekly thing but I can’t promise when it will start. These recipes will be more indulging such as cakes, chocolate and sweets etc.


Foodies14 logoNow I’ve been keeping this secret for some time until I’ve fully decided how to launch it and therefore I’ve announced very little. Foodies14 is going to be a Free Online Magazine available for public download. The magazine will offer Recipes, Product Reviews, Food and Drink news and more for you to enjoy. Foodies14 will launch later this year, more updates will follow in the coming months.

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