Tefal OptiGrill – Recipe & Review

Recently I was sent the latest Tefal OptiGrill to review and I decided to do a nice Tefallunch with it too! I’ll start with the review of this product and then at the end there will be a lovely Healthy Lunch idea for you to have a go of.

Tefal is one of the biggest names when it comes to cooking applicants. I have Tefal pans and over years had plenty of the products they make, I have also rated Tefal as a good quality company with great products so was excited when I received the email to review their OptiGrill.

Quick Information of Tefal OptiGrill;

  • RRP – £149.99
  • LED Cooking Level Indicator to tell you when your meat is done (Perfect for cooking your steak how you like it)
  • Simple & Easy to use and to clean
  • A healthier option to cook with
  • Check out HERE for more great information

First thoughts…

I’m not a massive fan of these gadgets I must admit I’m not the person who would go out and buy one however I could not pass up the opportunity to test out the optigrill. I have used a similar Tefal product before, the Tefal ActiFry at a family members house and did really enjoy it.

The package arrived around 4 days after agreeing to working with Foodies100 and Tefal on this review, I must admit I was a little hesitant at the sheer size of the product when I unboxed it. The Optigrill took up a lot of room on my bench however after a few people came around and spotted it and said it looked fantastic I instantly forgot about the size!

I read the manual well in fact no I never Nicky read the manual as I have that thing where I just press buttons until it works, on reading the information and learning of how it weighs and sizes your steak to allow it to cook perfectly I was blown away! In the past I mainly done my steaks on a griddle pan but this device does it all for you it even tells you when your steals are cooked perfectly… Seriously it does!

My first Meal;

I never really planned on getting the product so quickly so I had really no meat in to cook up a good meal at first so I got Nicky to pick up a Fillet Steak on her way home from work. I cooked the fillet steak and had it with some homemade chips and on first go was surprised how easy the product worked. Press three buttons and wait for  the beep, then add your steak and boom it was cooking away.

The device would then beep when it was Rare, Medium and Burnt (I mean Well Done). I done the chips in some oil, could have done with that ActiFry too?! Haha.

Opinions After First Meal;

Clever product really clever product the ability it has to cook your steak how you want, know the size of the steak meaning it can cook your steak each time perfect. It even tells you when the steak is cooked which is great cause you can get on and prepare other things like side dishes while the steak cooks.

But the one thing I thought was going to be a big pain was the cleaning, I hate washing up and especially if some is a pain but to my utter surprise it was simple, just click buttons to release the griddles to be able to wash them in the sink… No washing 20 different parts thankfully.

My second Meal – The healthier Grill!

So I decided to whack up a healthier meal to have after a long day in the garden, using the OptiGrill to grill some veg and steak plus microwaving some Quinoa and Rice. After using the grill the day before just quickly learning  how to use it, I was now ready to utilise some #GrillSkills.

What you will need for the Healthy Grill Lunch;Tefal ingredients

  1. Courgette
  2. 3 Mini Peppers or 1 Large Pepper any Colour
  3. 6 Mini Corn
  4. 1 Tomato
  5. 2 Steaks (I used Sirloin)
  6. Quinoa & Rice, I just used some microwaveable rice.

This recipe will serve 2 adult or in my case it served 2 adults and 2 children under 3.


  1. Plus in and Turn on your Tefal OptiGrill… Press the power button and select meat setting.
  2. Season your steak both sides with sea salt and black pepper
  3. Once it beeps, put your steak across your optigrill
  4. Allow to cook until it indicates how you like your steak… I done mine for medium.
  5. Lift your steak off and allow to rest on a plate to the side
  6. Change the setting of your OptiGrill  by pressing the power and press the temperature button twice (It will beep) and add your courgettes and Peppers.
  7. Allow the Courgettes and peppers to cook until they get lovely grill marks on them.
  8. Cut your steak into strips
  9. Once peppers and Courgette are done remove from the OptiGrill and add your MinsTEAK Saladi Corn and close again
  10. Once your mini corn is done add a sliced tomato and then put your rice in the microwave.
  11. Add your rice across the centre of the plate… Place your veggies and steak on top and drizzle the juices from the steak over.
  12. Now sit back and enjoy this fantastic meal.




My Overall thoughts on the Tefal OptiGrill;

I will certainly be using my Tefal OptiGrill more! The quality of the product is amazing, the settings and the technology within the product is unbelievable! The product has caught the eye of many who has came into my kitchen and seen it.

Using it could not be simpler, very easy to use even for people who don’t cook at all. The product is even easy to clean I have a juicer which is such a pain to clean I no longer use it but this product is so easy to clean you don’t even notice it.

Overall I would rate this product a massive 10/10 it’s one of if not the best product on the market for what it does and yes the price tag may scare you but for what you pay you wont be disappointed.

I highly recommend this product to anyone who loves grilled food from Steak to fish and even veg it’s so simple to use and produces fantastic food.


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