Gilesgate Tandoori – Takeaway Reviews

Today I was craving a good old Indian takeaway and so I decided to order from my local one being Gilesgate Tandoori;

My order;

Chicken Rogan Josh – £4.95

Onion Bhaji – £2.50

Pilau Rice – £2.20

Garlic Naan – £2.20

Bombay Potatoes – £2.50

Diet Coke – £0.70

Coco Cola – £0.70

Delivery Cost – £2.00

Total – £17.75

The drinks are 0.33l cans and the food above is to share between myself and Nicky.

TakeawayFirstly the food came 20 minutes earlier than the expected time, the delivery driver was extremely polite, a really lovely bloke.

The food was piping hot and labelled well so we knew what was what. Sadly the onion bhajis were rather soggy, I love mine crispy and I feel that’s how it should be.

Portion sizes for what we ordered can be seen to the left, good size for two adults and the chicken within the curry was extremely big and just feel apart as we ate. The flavours in the Rogan where great and it just looked lovely unlike some Rogan Josh which look rather dull. The Bombay’s were okay but I found one potato was rather hard, the naan bread was lovely however one of the ‘free’ poppadum’s were burnt in the middle which was a shame.


I thought the food was great however for £17.75 the mistakes in the food need to be corrected, I will certainly be looking at Gilesgate Tandoori in the future when I fancy a Indian takeaway.

Yes a little different to my normal foodie reviews, I was asked by a few local people if I’d do some takeaway reviews and therefore I have contact a few of the takeaways. I will be uploading more reviews about takeaways in the near future.

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