Buying Meat – Online or in Store?

There’s been a big boom in online meat suppliers of the recent years most popular being MuscleFood, I’ve seen a lot of people ask questions not just about online meat suppliers themselves but also if the quality is just as good.

I have used online meat suppliers / online butchers for a little while as well as popping beef, cutlet, food, meat, raw, steakinto my local butchers from time to time. I have used the known meat suppliers as well as worked with small companies too. Obviously most people I see that order online meat tend to go through MuscleFood, I personally do not rate MuscleFood I have had several products of theirs on a few occasions and find the quality is lacking extremely. I have also worked with Keevil&Keevil, a London based butcher shop who retails online too, I found their quality of meat much better than musclefood and better options online.

Is it risky having meat in transit from one side of Country to another?

Well if you buy it in shops that’s what normally happens anyways however, with these online butchers its normal in transit for 24hours or 48hours max but worth checking the delivery details on the site. The meats I have had have also been well packed and came by courier and high quality too.

I’d personally say that it’s not Risky at all to have your meat delivered and I have not heard of anyone who has had problems. mince

Is the quality affected by ordering online?

Not at all, the meat is as fresh as you would get it at your local butcher or supermarket, in fact if you order from a good online butcher you’ll more than likely have better quality meat than most places.

Is it not cheaper going in store?

No not at all in fact more online meat suppliers offer family boxes or similar which are great value for money. But bare in mind in most cases you’re paying for better quality meat so it will be more than your ‘value’ meats from the likes of Asda and Tesco.

What I think;

If you have a good quality butcher near you go check them out but if you don’t then shop online you may be surprised at the prices you pay for top quality meat products. If you’re ordering from a company tweet me first @JordLaidler I may just have a discount code you could use.

I have been asked if I’d review a few more meat delivery companies by a handful of you, therefore I’ve contacted several in hope to bring you some good content that you want. If you have more questions about a places feel free to email me via the contact page, I’d be happy to answer questions relevant and I have knowledge about. I am not bias in anyway to a company all reviews are honest opinions that I hope you will find helpful.

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