Places to visit during Half Term

With Half term starting next week you’ll need to keep the little rascals entertained so I decided to share some of the places I used to love as a child. I hope you enjoy this blog please share it with your friends, I will be posting a blog later this week about places to eat this half term in the North East.

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Eden Camp – North Yorkshire;

I went to Eden Camp numerous of times during my childhood my interest in History Eden Campstarted while I was at primary school and my father also loves history. I had been to almost all the museums in Durham none of which offer substantial information or interesting aspects to them.

Fun Fact – Eden Camp is a Prisoner of War camp from the second world war!!!

Eden camp offers a lot more than many of the World War 2 museums in the UK. The prices I feel aren’t far fetched as the quality of content in the museum is unbelievable.


Prices vary but start at £7.50 I feel the prices are worth it however if you only have young children it may not be worth going until they’re a little older.

For Food;

There’s Café and Officer’s mess for you to have refreshments, when I went I can remember the menu being of relating to that Era so no fancy grub… However it’s been a few years and that was in what I remember as just called the Canteen.

Find More about the food

What’s there;

There was a playground area with climbing frames, swings etc for the children which was great.

When I went myself, my sister and parents sat and watched a person singing songs from the era in the picture house.

Several areas to walk through with all information as well as interactive displays

Vehicles including tanks and also planes for people to take photos next too

Check out the site

Blue Reef Aquarium – Tynemouth

Blue Reef Aquarium is home to life such as Rays, Otters, Seals and many more species. blue reef.pngThe aquarium is located on the seafront of Tynemouth. Prices for the Aquarium vary from £7.00 upwards for the best prices go to their site by clicking HERE

At certain times of the day feeding is available which I’m sure kids will find extremely fun…

For food;

There’s a café located in the Aquarium however due to the location there’s plenty of other places around Tynemouth that you can go for a bite to eat.

The aquarium will wow children of all ages especially the younger ones, with clownfish your kids will know as Nemo and a fantastic range of Aquatic life you could watch for hours. There’s also a shop for you to visit and buy a little gift to remember your time.

Find out more here

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Hall Hill Farm – Lanchester

Hall Hill Farm has to be one of best places I had ever visited as a child as I got to feed thehall hill farm sheep and see many animals such as Llama’s, little piglets and more. There’s loads to do here you can go for a ride in the trailer of a tractor which is extremely fun, ride a horse or donkey and you can buy food for the animals.

Prices start at £7.50

And prices for extras such as donkey rides should be included in your budget before visiting. For more info on prices click HERE

For Food;

There’s tearooms where you can go for a bite to eat and not badly priced unlike many places you visit where you’re paying an arm and a leg for a sandwich or cake.

Find out more about Hall Hill Farm

Whatever you do this Half terms make sure you spend it enjoying yourself and surrounding yourself with Family and Friends. If you feel I’ve missed an important place to visit out please get in touch via the contact page. I am in no way shape or form making any money from directing you to these places. These are places I visited and enjoyed.

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