Teaching them early… Kids Baking!!!

Lucy helping DaddyWhen I look back to myself cooking I never started till about 3 years ago and prior to that I knew very little on what to do, mainly due to my lack of interest in it. My mother has always been a great baker, come Christmas I get excited for her Christmas cake and then for my birthday I also ask for the huge slices of the Black Forest cake she does. Looking back now if I had the interest in cooking and baking back then as I do now my skills and knowledge would be far further, I do tend to now try to learn as much from my mother as possible and have had her write down her cake recipes in my little recipe pocket book.

So when is it the right time to start teaching your kids to cook?

Well I don’t know the answer to that because in my opinion there isn’t one, I have already had my oldest Lucy who’s just 1 helping me knead bread and mix cakes. She’s more of the taste tester but at her age she picks up a lot of things. She loves helping out in the kitchen she even sweeps the floor (Just need her to do the dishes now).

I’ve not only been teaching her how to do the very basics of cooking but also gardening she now knows in my herb patch what Mint and Rosemary is. I do hope she grows up to enjoy cooking and gardening as the two interlink so well.


Do you teach your children how to cook?

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