School bins a kid’s lunch…

Something I think seriously needs improved is school dining and options for families Startup Stock Photoswho are on the lower income bracket. Jamie Oliver has done a fantastic job in helping schools to do more in the school holidays and provide a much healthier school dinner, sadly though I heard that a local school here in County Durham has went too far and binned a child’s dinner in front of them.

A Secondary School located in Durham has came under the spotlight for the complete wrong reasons. I’ve heard from two reliable sources including the victim that the school took a meal off a child due to her/his dinner card being declined. The victim had previously put £15.00 onto the card and had not spent it. When they went to the till area of the school cafeteria this dinner card said Zero balance. The school cafeteria supervisor therefore took the meal from the child and threw it in the bin right in front of them.

Now whether or not the child had money on their card is not the point, taking food from a child who will not be able to get more food until they get home and binning it right in front of them is an utter disgrace. We as a Country need to cut down on food waste in general and then finding out that a school is taking meals from children and binning them just makes you wonder what type of support they offer to their pupils? Not really an approachable character from staff.

I’ve yet to hear back from an email I have sent to the school about the incident but have been informed there’s more than one case. This type of behaviour from Cafeteria supervisors is a disgrace, the school itself should be supporting children not making them feel embarrassed when systems go wrong and money is not correctly credited to a pupils card.

Should Children get free school meals?

I feel this question should not even have to come up, if a child is from a lower financial background there should be ways to allow them to get proper food while at school. I also fully support Jamie Oliver’s campaign for Schools to open during school holidays to allow less fortunate children to get good food from food that would normally go to waste. Not only does it help children but takes the stress away from parents who work hard on a minimum wage and low hour contracts to provide for their children.

Have you been affected by something similar? Let me know as I’d love to here from you… Use the contact page all information will be kept completely confidential.

What do you think of the school where they correct to throw the food into the bin or should they have let the child have it and to pay at a later date?


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