Country Walks… (Day 002)

So today is the second day in trying to get myself into gear in terms of Health and fitness DSC_0211and today I wanted to introduce a little bit of walking something I do anyways but having it on different terrain and inclines.

Durham, where I live is basically hills and if you walk everywhere like I tend to do then you’ll get plenty of exercise. I want to introduce walking a lot more but with a weighted backpack. When I was aiming to join the army prior to the medical reasons which stop me from pursuing that career I use to run with a weighted backpack on. Rabbit season also sees me doing miles of walking on uneven terrain however being out of season I rarely do that type of terrain.

For Food

For breakfast I had a 100% Full fat Greek yogurt which I glammed up with zest from half a lemon and its juice, fruit and nut granola and some frozen strawberries and pineapple pieces I had in the freezer.

For lunch being a Sunday I had pan fried chicken breast, served with Rosemary and Garlic infused roast potatoes, mash potato and carrots.


For dinner we had Sirloin steak cooked till medium well, spinach (was frozen) and wholegrain rice.

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