Lets Do this!!! (A Healthier life) (DAY 001)

It’s time I started to think and provide a healthier life for myself and hopefully the family, as a foodie it is essential I don’t just fill myself up with unhealthy and junk foods. I also, at the moment like the motivation and dedication to do fitness something I use to do as second nature a few years back.

I want to prove you can eat healthy and be healthy without spending a fortune on ingredients. I now want to bring into my life a Healthier lifestyle as a year from now I’ll be on a cruise ship.

My goal is to blog everyday on what I have done and ate in a way to hopefully help those follow and want to do the same and for me to share my story. I plan to blog about my healthier lifestyle for a whole 365 days however I can’t promise I can post every single day…

Join me on the journey to a more healthier better version of me. #JoinMyHealthJourney.

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