I must be BLOGGING mad

I have decided I will be setting this blog a challenge for the rest of this year or more so myself. The blog is growing at a great rate in readership and it’s exciting prospect where we will be in a years time, not only that I have set myself a aim to post at least 1 video per week on my growing Youtube channel (CLICK HERE), I have reached out to travel companies in a aim to bring you what you have been asking for in terms of travel content both on here and social media.

The post on the blog will stay relatively the same. I’m working with a handful of restaurants here in Durham and Newcastle in order to bring you more reviews, plus I’ll be reviewing more products too. The addition to travel blogs has already started and the feedback on them was great. Family blog is also another area I will be interlinking with dining out and travel.

I would love to invite you to join me on the following social media platforms;

YouTube – /VivaLaJord

Twitter – @JordLaidler

Instagram – @JordanLaidler

Facebook – /JordLaidler

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