My Holiday Bucket list

So, as I’m going to be doing more travel blogs this year. I’ve decided to share with you my bucket list for Holidays. I have chosen these places on my bucket list due to my love for certain things relating to these places. Some of these will be family orientated holidays and other more selfishly places I’d like to go. 
Yes Getaways - Amsterdam

Australia –

The place I have always wanted to visit since I was a little kid is Australia ever since Aussieseeing the late Steve Irwin’s Crocodile Hunter as a young child. The wildlife and just sheer wildernesses that are in Australia has always attracted me, not to mention I have family who live not too far from Sydney too. I have even once contemplated moving down under but I’m still in super rainy northern England.




Disneyland & Universal Studios, Florida 

Although more designed for Children I see myself as a big child and I feel I’d get moredisney land out of a holiday to Disneyland than the kids would. I love the idea of walking into another world, a world which your favourite fictional character comes alive and you immerse yourself in a childhood dream. The big attraction to Disneyland also has to be my love for Harry Potter after watching it just two years ago when my partner Nicky made me, I’ve been a fan ever since. I’d love to visit Hogwarts and Diagon Alley and experience the life of a muggle in the magical world of Harry Potter.



AGerman Sausages a massive fan of food as you will have guessed by my blog. Germany is a must visit for sausages! I’d love to go to Germany to have a foodie trip around the best destination for famous sausages and find out what my favourite is. Plus beer!!! Nothing beats beer and sausages. Going for a weekend would be great taking a few days away eating and drinking…. Ahhh paradise! Maybe one day I’ll vlog a weekend trip away with some friends… sounds like a great plan.


Yes Getaways - Paris

France is somewhere I’d love to visit for two reasons, one, the History of World War 2, I’ve francealways been intrigued with World War 2 and events such as D-Day and the way the 101st Airborne battled through French towns such as Carentan to rid Europe from Nazi Germany. The historic places in France is amazing, and something I’ve always wanted to do is tour the road the allied forces took after storming the beaches. The second thing is the fantastic food France has to offer, yes we all hear about ‘Snails’ and ‘Frog legs’ but truthfully France offers loads of great delicacies such as one of the my favourite Pains Au Chocolat. I’d love to jump into an old VW Campervan and drive right through France visiting the famous patisseries and also the landmarks of some of the most important battles of the second World War. What a vlog and blog that would make!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little travel blog and I hope to bring you many more throughout the next few years. Where would love to visit and why?

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