The First Strawberry!!!

Back again with a garden update and today I’m excited to say we’ve go our first stfirst strawberryrawberry. After a horrible blow to the mini greenhouse after it went over a lot of plants were destroyed and seeds lost. However, thankfully our first strawberry of the year is almost ready and boy it looks a big one!

The garden is slowly getting to a point now after several set back including the veggie patch which now I feel will not be ready until next year. I’ve happily agreed to buy a greenhouse of a neighbour who is moving therefore in the next month that will house more fruit and other edibles. The greenhouse is coming with several plants the old owner had been growing before he decided to move, I’m extremely excited about having a REAL greenhouse.

The range of produce I can grow is massive and therefore I’ll be trying loads of different varieties of produce as well as growing techniques. I’m also getting a shed and I’ll be sharing some great blogs and videos of myself doing some homemade brew (Alcohol). The next few months are going to be exciting and hopefully eventful here in the garden. As for the allotment I’m having communication issues with the providers.


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