Matcha NOW review

18471103_432256977144024_627063582_nRecently I contacted a company called Matcha Now who followed me on twitter, after looking at their product and learning a bit about it I thought it’d be a good one to review for the blog.

Matcha Now is a product which offer a wide range of benefits which can help with Natural Detoxing and also full of Antioxidants in fact 137 times more than standard green teas.

First of all I want to talk about the bottle design a product bottle which I have not seen before, using a twisting cap release technology allows for the fresh Matcha to be released into the bottle. The use of the design does allow for the product to stay fresher more vibrant and have a longer shelf life than those which already have the matcha in the bottle. The product itself states it’s 100% pure and it’s simple to prepare and drink just twist your cap, release the fresh matcha, shake well then enjoy.18447872_432257030477352_1778578769_n

This was my first time trying Matcha and I was really excited to try it, after reading a lot about Matcha and the health benefits it can offer it is a product I did want to test out. First off I was expecting a earthy taste and a slight unpleasant after taste however I was pleasantly surprised that the product tasted really nice and no horrid after taste either. The products taste was exactly like when you make a normal cup of tea and it gets cold, it’s one of the those taste I feel you either enjoy or dislike. I for one do enjoy it but I could not drink a whole bottle of it whereas Nicky (my partner) does not like cold tea at all.

Overall I think the product is fantastic, well designed and the benefits for health is even better. I’d highly recommend those interested in healthy living, detoxing etc to check out this product via the website listed below. I was going to create a youtube video of this product but sadly an unexpected distraction happened midway through recording and was unreplaceable due to only having one product.

Company Details;

find them on twitter @MatchaNow

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