Slimming World Chicken Saag (Review)

Another product review and this time it’s a Slimming worFront of Packetld frozen meal. I’ve seen a lot of people who are currently on slimming world so I thought I’d give some of the shop bought slimming world products from Iceland. This one is the Chicken Saag. What made me choose this product was the food photography, I just found the way they’ve presented the product on the front is tremendous. Although I feel they could have certainly made the front of the packing less cluttered in terms of wording. Slimming world is obviously a very popular dieting choice for many so these products I feel would interest a wide range of people.

Cooked Curry in PacketFirstly¬†the cooking method I went for was oven, you could do it in the microwave which takes 12 minutes. When doing it in the oven like I did it does take considerably longer 50 minutes all together which is split up into 35 minutes then stir and put back into the oven for a further 15 minutes. There’s also a recipe for you to do it yourself on the back of the packaging which is great for those who do like to cook themselves. The curry will easily serve 2. I had mine with wholegrain rice but like on the picture you could have it with some fresh greens.

Curry in Dish with packet behind

First of all the curry looks great and the aroma coming from it just makes you want to dig in. Upon first taste it was incredible flavouring however very similar to many other shop bought frozen curries. The chicken was lovely and tender, the mushrooms had little to no taste and you would not know they were there if you never read the box.

Curry in DishOverall the curry was good, nothing to shout about. I feel you could make one just as good from scratch (in fact I know you could). I would rate it 6/10 simply because it’s good but is not worth more than that rating. If you’d like to try the slimming world curries you can visit Iceland online or go in store.

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