Pizza Express Tripoline Bolognese

So, I spotted this in the shop and of cause having been to Pizza Express dining out before I wanted to give it a try. I bought this product in Iceland so I could give it a review along with a few other frozen products I will be reviewing.

Pizza Express is a large restaurant chain which have ventured into selling their products in stores, I have many years ago dined at Pizza Express in County Durham and rather enjoyed my experience. But my question is can they replicate the quality of food through a frozen product?

Front of Pizza Express Pasta BoxFirst of all the packaging, simple branding but does stand out over other competitors products. Great use of product photography really makes this box stand out with the colours chosen and the big  well known company logo. (For Nutritional Information on this product please revert to the picture gallery at the bottom of this blog).

The product takes 30 minutes (Half an Hour) to cook in an over at 180 degrees, the 30 minutes is split between 25 minutes then stir and put it back in for another 5 minutes or till piping hot. The meal is very simple to do although compared to many frozen meals it does take considerably longer to cook, you can find cooking instructions in the picture gallery at the bottom of the blog. Pizza Express Close Up Pasta in Bowl

The product will easily feed two adult and you can serve it with salad or chips depending on how healthy you want to be. I served mine with nothing, the reason for that was so I can test the product solely on its own. First of all the aroma coming of the product smells fantastic and looks the part too. But the most important is the taste of the product and I can safely say the product does taste great in fact one of the best frozen pasta meals I’ve had. I’m personally not a huge fan of frozen meals however I’d happily have this again. The flavours taste really good not effected by being frozen, the pasta is cooked perfectly I’m extremely surprised on how good this product is.

Overall I’d have to rate this product 9/10, it’s simply that good very little if any frozen product would get a rating as good as this. I do have other Pizza Express frozen products to try and will also be reviewing so make sure you follow my blog for them.

Thank you for reading and if you enjoyed this product review make sure to like the blog and share it with your foodie friends.



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