Luxury Alcoholic Chocolates (Review)

While I was shopping today these two packets of alcoholic chocolates by Lir Chocolates Ltd really caught my eye, the flavour’s clearly being Guinness and Baileys. First of all I love chocolate and second of all I enjoy Alcohol although not huge on either Bailey’s or Guinness I thought I’d give them ago since Nicky loves Bailey’s too.

Chocolate wide shoteFirst of all the packaging, I was drawn to it straight away on the shelf. Both of them together, I bought them from the discount store Home Bargains for £1.99 each. I feel the colours on the Guinness works really well and stands out over other products around it.  With the bailey’s white packaging and the very simple yet effective graphics and logo placements works great too. The packaging itself is fantastic with a reseal zip at the top and sturdy packing allowing for easy standing.

The product itself is a good size ball, you get a fair amount of the product in the package unlike many of the close competitors products. I find with a lot of products and this goes right across the whole Chocolate industry is that companies offer little in amount of chocolate within packages.

The chocolates are well made and have a smooth shell, inside you get an explosion of Close up of Chocolatesalcohol. The baileys have a much better balance of chocolate to filling, I found that with the Guinness the shell was a bit too thick. The centre in the baileys has a much more potent alcoholic taste over the Guinness too. Overall I found the flavours of both sweets really enjoyable and as a random purchase I’m really happy with them.

My first choice out of them two would be the Baileys which I’d rate a great 8/10 and the Guinness coming in at a 6/10. The reason Guinness fell a bit below Baileys was both the thickness of the chocolate shell and the lack of flavour compared to the Bailey ones.

I hope you enjoyed this blog review of these luxury Chocolates, if you’d like to see more make sure you follow the blog.

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