I’ve hit a brick wall !!!! (Veggie Patch)

So we’ve hit a brick wall (more literal than you think) with the veggie patch, a one which means a new plan has had to be made for it. About 30cm under the top soil I have discovered what looks to be rubble and dolomite. The amount under the area does mean I’m going to have to do another plan. I’ve got some large floor boards coming from a family member which I will treat and use for raised flower beds. This also means I’m going to have to go out and buy a load of topsoil which is something I really did not want to do.

The issue also means I’m going to be delayed for a few weeks on the patch as I’m now having to wait for the wood and then the topsoil. I did want to get the veggies in this week but with this issue I’m having to push back for another 2 weeks at least.

I’ve decided I’m therefore going to start another area in garden I was not intending to do for now but while I have two weeks might as well do it. I’m going to have a small area for my tomato and strawberry plants to grow, this area will also be in the back garden and take up a small area of the garden. My strawberry and tomato plants are already growing in the greenhouse and getting to a good height with flowers opening now too.

I’ll also be building some makeshift metal netting to protect my crops from birds and other animals. I’ll be using some cheap chicken wire and scrap wood to build cages over the crops. A simple inexpensive way to protect your crops which is perfect because I don’t want to be spending £25.00+ on cages.

I’ll keep you all posted on the endeavours.

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