Preparing for the Veggies

So today I decided I needed to get the overgrown back/rear garden up to scratch. The garden needs plenty of work done to it, previous tenants had burned a lot of household goods in the middle as well as a lot of debris across the whole garden itself. I’ve started by clearing away the overgrown grass from the garden which I think will take a few days work.

Veggie Patch StartTwo days later

I’ve removed a section of the grass now from the garden to start the veggie patch which will house mainly potatoes and onions at the current time. I’m running late this year but not too fear it’s been snowing this week! Over the coming days i’m going to dig over and start prepping the veggie patch which I will hope to get done by next Wednesday.

On the other hand the seeds I planted in my greenhouse are starting to show and my strawberry plants are also growing rather quickly too. The greenhouse for it’s price is holding up really well!

Follow my garden progress via my blogs.


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