The Start of the edible garden

So I’ve finally made a big step to beingĀ self sufficient in terms of my garden, in my front gardenmy herb garden at home I have created a small herb patch. The herbs include Rosemary, Thyme, Wild Garlic and English Lavender at the moment. I was extremely lucky to have found some wild garlic in my mother’s rear garden and therefore transported to mine.

The herb patch will be of many uses to me and will be something I will constantly be adding too, it’s just outside my front door allowing for quick access while I’m cooking. If you cook from scratch as I do then I highly recommend making a herb garden or growing some in a sunny window.

Herbs have many benefits from using them in your cooking to herbal medicines, I will mainly be using my herbs for cooking as herbal medicines is not something I have endeavoured into.

The other addition to the garden is two apple trees that I acquired from my mother. Obviously I wont be getting any apples from the tree this year but I have hopes the next few years will bring some great fruit.

The next few weeks should see me start building a chicken coop and a few other bits and bobs.

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