Jumble Bee & Crazy Jacks Product Review

Recently I received several products by Jumble Bee and Crazy Jacks. The products are of Fruit / Nut snack packets. I’m always looking at new ways to introduce a healthier product to substitute unhealthy snacks, therefore these products seemed like a great fit.

CLASSIC+JUMBLES+BANNER+NEW-05First of all I’d like to discuss Jumble Bee. I’m one of those people who is strongly drawn towards packaging of products. Jumble Bee’s I found were something I’d not normally look at. The packaging reminded me of children’s products. I found the product would stick out due to the packaging colours but certainly would not gain much attention to me on the shelves.

The product itself is as you’d expect Dried Fruit and Nut snacks, the difference between Jumble Bee and their other competitors is the amount of Fruit and Nut in the packets. I have been nibbling the products for a few days and so has my partner now and then and we do love them. I mainly feel the product packaging really lets the product down for selling.


crazyjacksThe second product I was sent is Crazy Jacks Organic Dried Fruit (apricots and sultanas) this product again came with packaging which lets it down on the shelf to me, however, the product is great and I used mine in a healthy snack bar. The fantastic mix of fruit within the packets added for a great snack bar, the recipe which will be on my website soon.

I do feel the product is great, the fruit is extremely flavoursome unlike some of the products you get where the fruit is just plain and vile. I do see this product as one now I’ve tried I will certainly get more when I pop into the shops, I do believe Tesco stocks this product.


The reviews are short, the reason is there’s not much I can say on these products very simple and not much I can share about them. However, I will be sharing some recipes made out of these products throughout the next few weeks.

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