Keevil & Keevil Review;

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Recently I contacted a meat supplier called Keevil & Keevil and from the message, I was sent some products to try out and see what I thought of them.

The Delivery & Packaging:

The package was due to be delivered to my address on Thursday 9th February 2017, the package came via currier as expected and to make things great it came on the morning therefore I did not have to wait in all day. The packaging was great outer layer was the cardboard box which was branded with Keevil & Keevil and then an inner isolated box and finally bubble wrap and cold water bubbles or frozen ice bubbles. The other thing I found unlike packages from muscle food there was no ghastly smell permitting from the products.

What I got:

I was lucky enough to get two products from them, the first being the Family Essential Box16649031_383659872003735_793094058715678980_n (Click here to check it out) the box included the following;

–          5 packs 500g fresh minced beef (2.5kg total)

–          1 pack 1.36kg fresh Cumberland sausages (18 thick sausages made from pork with black and white pepper

–          1 pack 2.27kg fresh smoked back bacon (approx. 50 slices)

–          5kg fresh skinless and boneless chicken breasts (approx. 22 breasts)

–          1x 800g Steak & Ale Pie (supplied frozen – defrost before cooking)

–          1x 800g Chicken and Bacon Pie (supplied frozen – defrost before cooking)

I then separated the bacon into small batches of 4 and put them in the freezer using zipper freezer bags, I did the same with the sausages and chicken doing the chicken in pairs. I decided to defrost the Steak and Ale Pie to have the following day and kept some bacon and sausages out to have for a Full English.

The quality of the meat:

16508879_384172005285855_1817049103487618396_nNow a few days since I received my products I have had the chance to taste most of it, first of all I want to discuss the joint I got, Black Angus ribeye. The marbling with in the meat was fantastic, great size too. Upon cooking for roast dinner I seared it and then popped it in the over for roughly 2.5 hours. The joint did not shrink at all, the flavours of the beef itself was incredible and is far better than the joints found in supermarkets. The chicken breasts again were great and a lot bigger than chicken breasts bought in local supermarkets, the quality of the chicken was fantastic and I have now had it a few times in curries, dinners and salads.

The Bacon and Sausages make the perfect full English! Those who follow me on twitter will know I just love a full English for breakfast so I cracked on and made one the first night I got the meat box. The sausages were just fantastic texture and taste bloody brilliant flavour, the bacon was on another level. The flavour and thickness of the bacon just made it a pleasure to eat and far much better than shop bought bacon.

Overall, I’ve found the quality of all the meat products supplied to me by Keevil and Keevil outstanding and full of flavour, comparing the product to the supermarket alternative and a local butchers I can say that I found Keevil and Keevil much better.

Keevil & Keevil vs Muscle Food;

You may have heard of Muscle Food, it’s a place you can order meat from online and they send it to your door like Keevil and Keevil do. Well I’ve been a customer of muscle food before and therefore can give an honest opinion on both. First of all Muscle Food are cheap and for that reason I feel is why they’re extremely popular, the chicken breast 2.5kg is great value for money. The steaks from Muscle Food I personally did not like and would much rather buy steaks from Tesco, the mince was not the best either maybe just beating supermarket budget mince at best. The service however was fantastic food came well packaged and on time.

Now Keevil & Keevil may not be as well-known as Muscle Food but straight away the choice of meats on Keevil and Keevil website is great. They do a lot of what Muscle Food do and the price are not that far different, with Keevil & Keevil you are buying from a Genuine butcher and not just a meat supplier. The quality of the beef meat including mince is far much better than that from Muscle Food too. With muscle food upon opening your packages there’s a product they use to keep the meat fresher for longer which in return gives off a horrid smell which at first made me think the food was off.

If I had to choose between them I’d go for Keevil and Keevil and have already had a few friends try the food I’ve made with Keevil product and they want to order from them next time over Muscle Food.

Give it a go!

So, you’ve heard what I have to say and what I think of this company so why not try it for yourself, I’ve teamed up with Keevil & Keevil to offer you a 10% on your orders simple use the code “JORDL10” If you do order which you really should make sure you tag me in your pictures when the food arrives.

Check out Keevil and Keevil:



Thank you for reading, if it’s your first time on my site make sure you check the other content out.

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