My Little Fish Pie: 7 Months +

Treat your child to a fantastic fish pie that they’ll love, my little ones love this pie at the age of 7 months and onwards.


–          1 Small Potato peeled and chopped

–          1 Egg

–          110g Boneless COD

–          6oz of your baby milk (We used Aptamil)

–          1 Bay Leaf

–          1 small Leek diced to small pieces

–          Canned Sweetcorn get organic and use two table spoons

–          2 tablespoons of crème fraiche


–          Put the potatoes in a pan and cover in water, boil till soft

–          Add your fish into a pan and cover in the baby milk with the bay leaf sitting next to the fish, poach your fish on a medium head

–          Once potatoes are starting to get rather soft add you egg and hard boil it

–          Steam your leek above the potato pan (if you don’t have a steamer use a colander and pan lid, after about 7 minutes add your sweetcorn.

–          Once veg is all soft add into a food processor and blend till nice and mushy.

–          Take the whites from your boiled egg and throw them then cut your egg yolk (the yellow bit) into small chunks and add to the pan with the fish and milk.

–          Take the bay leaf away from the milk and fish and bin it, add your mushy veg, crème fraiche to the pan and break the fish up into manageable small flakes. Allow to cool and check for small bones just in case.

This recipe is great for children 7+ months and can be frozen.

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