Chicken Breasts £1 each – MSM (Eps 1)

Today starts my weekly Money Saving Monday blog, the aim of the blog is simply to save you money but also to help you realise that certain spending habits could be changed and save you more than you think. This week I’m focusing on grocery/food shopping, do you spend loads of money at local supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons etc? Well I did and then I decided to do some research on where I can get more for my money.

My super meaty deal:

I’m going to take a wild guess most of you buy your meat from the supermarket you do the rest of your shop at for ease more than anything. But what if I told you meat could come to your door via DPD for a great price and good quality, you’d think I was crazy right. Well let me introduce you to MuscleFood, I get my chicken from there and boy is it good, I spend £25 every month and a half and get roughly 25 chicken breasts… That’s a great price of £1 per breast which is of good quality. The product I go for is called Premium chicken breast fillets – 5kg.

Muscle food offer delivery on a lot of products but I mainly just get their chicken breasts simply because I then go for other meat such as steak at my local butchers.

Saving money once you’ve bought products:

Something that really drives me around the bend is that people waste so much good food, people go by these sell by labels and tend to throw things away the day after. Now when I buy things such as meat, chilli’s and cheese if they’re going out of date I’ll freeze them, I have a tub of grated cheddar in my freezer which I always use for Lasagne. Using freezers to your advantage can save you tons, another tip I have is go to supermarkets towards the end of the day roughly 8pm, places like Tesco tend to sell bread etc for pennies seriously I got burger buns for £0.09 once. They are dated that day however throw them into a freezer and you’re good to use throughout the next few months just defrost them the night before use.

Veggies; Fresh or Frozen?

Veggies can cost a bit especially when buying loads, I do prefer fresh however I always have veg bought frozen or frozen them myself in the freezer. Frozen veg is lovely I do like I say prefer fresh but I’d happily sit down and cook frozen veg at a percentage of the price.

This was a short blog to help you understand what is to come, sadly it was not longer due to the lack of research I had time to do. This Monday I had to lay my nana to rest so sadly I was unable to research as much as I would have normally.

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