Back with a plan

Yes, so its been a while since I lasted posted and you may have been aware that it was a busy month for myself if you follow me on twitter. Now I’m back I’m so excited to bring more content to this blog. The first part of my Food For Free series will be uploaded Sunday (08/01/2017), the series will tell you about the different plants you can find and eat this time of year.

I’ve also launched my new team (JordanLaidler Nutrition), the team of 6 professionals will provide free nutritional advice via twitter (@JLNutritionUK). I’m excited to bring this team together to help anyone and everyone with great online advice, tips and tricks to help generate a better nutritional intake.

The final thing I want to talk about is my plan for 2017, I have huge ambitions for this year and setting the bar high. My YouTube channel JordanLaidlerFoods will be launching later this year plus another upcoming project GrubClub Magazine a free magazine online and in stores will launch towards the fall of 2017.

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