Reintroduction of the Lynx

lynx-1Many of you may have already read articles including the “The Lynx Effect” – Sporting Gun, I have since been reading a lot on the Reintroduction of the Lynx and the plans to do it. In this blog I wanted to share my opinions on both sides of the argument, I also want to welcome anyone to comment their opinion on the matter below.

The Lynx a beautiful wild cat, has been absent from the UK for over a thousand years but under a very ambitious plan by Lynx UK Trust with hope to bring back this beautiful big cat. The plan is to release up to 18 of the cats across the UK.

The cats are of course a predator and they eat anything from Rabbits to Deer but also I think we really need to take into consideration the impact this project will have on livestock. Yes okay it will help decrease the number of rabbits and other wildlife which damage the wildness and crops, however how much money worth of Livestock will they kill and eat?

cow.jpgMy main question is will the government or charity cause be willing to pay towards any Livestock killed, or are the farmers expected to take it on the chin? I feel that we are only looking at one side of the argument and that is the natural beauty and also tourist income of having our own wild big cats back in the UK.

Not only will Livestock be affected in my opinion but the already depleting and endangered wildlife will also be on the menu for this big cat. I’m no expert on the living habits and eating habits of the Lynx however I can very much expect these cats to feast on many of our wildlife including the Hedgehog which is already one of our top 10 most endangered species and a selection of birds. But also will they pose a danger to human’s? Where I expect these cats to be released across the UK in places like Northumberland are extremely popular for Hikers, Camping, Photography and more so will these cats attack, yes in places such as Canada where the Lynx’s already roam there’s been no documented attacks and this is the same for other Counties where these animals live. lynx

Overall I feel as long as the precautions are taken bringing back this marvellous animal would be fantastic for the UK, I do feel we will need to look into the danger to livestock and how to compensate owners as it is a problem we wont be able to avoid.

What do you think about this reintroduction of the Lynx?



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