Ferreting – How I got into it

Ferreting is something I only recently embarked on doing prior to doing it I had never handled ferrets. A good friend got me into Ferreting and I soon became drawn to this fairly hands on hunting method.

Ferreting is where you hunt using Ferrets pretty self explanatory, when I go with my friend we tend to use 2 ferrets and a dog for marking. Ferreting is of cause something which can seem rather boring to an outsider but it is far from it, what’s better than spending a day with a good friend, walking miles, having a cup of brew and getting some great meat for free. Ferreting is extremely resourceful and a lot more useful this time of year, unlike hunting with a rifle rabbits don’t need to be in a clearing or in sight, we only ever really see a rabbit once we have it.

I don’t own ferrets my friend supplies the little warriors, I am currently looking into investing in some for ferreting myself which will be another blog. Yes you may have heard things like ferrets stink etc. Well I believe every pet would stink if not properly cared for, I’m pleased to say that the ferrets my friend has do not smell one bit.

Let’s talk about my first day of ferreting, I was rather apprehensive towards it, I did not really know what to expect. It was late October when I went for my first ferreting morning outing on land my friend had permission on. I watched and studied how my friend would work the ‘sets’, all we used was a ferret, a dog and some nets he had built. First, the dog would mark a set and let us know where a rabbit was or had recently been then we would net up the holes, at this time of year there was still plenty of foliage amongst the woods and hedge areas making it at times hard to see some holes. I was enjoying my first outing and about 3 hours in we had our first rabbit a rather long time to get one but it was a great feeling, sadly I did not see the rabbit bolt out of the hole. That day we only caught the one but it was a real exciting day and something I enjoyed.

When ferreting you have to expect to get dirty and the odd scuffs as it’s hands on work from start to finish especially when heavy foliage is on the ground. It can be a rather tiring method of hunting too as you’re almost always off any pathways and deep in wooded areas, up and down hills and climbing obstacles.

I personally think anyone who is interested in hunting in general if you have not already, then give ferreting a try, the thrill of catching rabbits this way is great. The fitness side of things is also remarkable to, you’re focused on the hunt you don’t realise how much exercise you’re doing, a typical outing ferreting is 12-20 miles on rugged terrain carrying rabbits and other equipment for myself however this will be different from person to person.

This blog was a short introduction to how I got into ferreting.

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