Mrs O’s Egg Free Cake

Love cake? So do I and I got in touch with Mrs O’s Egg Free Cake as I wanted to review a product which appeals to Gluten Free and are Vegan friendly. Mrs O’s kindly sent me out two packets of cake mix to try, Brownie Mix (they must of known I love Brownies) and also Vanilla Sponge Cake.

mrs-os-2Before we get into the whole review etc I want to point out I can eat Gluten products and I’m not Vegan. I have decided in doing a review of this product simply for my readers who do eat Gluten Free and those who maybe Vegan, however having said that you don’t have to be any of those to enjoy great food.

So first thing I had was a pancake, you’re maybe thinking What a pancake, there’s no pancake mix there! Well you’d be wrong Mrs O’s so kindly included a printed sheet with a pancake recipe for the cake mixes so I decided to give it a go using the Vanilla mix, the pancakes where great and the mix certainly tasted fantastic.

The packaging I would like to point out is fantastic the packets are resalable in case you don’t use it all like me when I done pancakes. The packets are also very tough by that I mean the wont rip or tear easily unlike some other packaging you get on similar products.

So I want to discuss the Vanilla Cake mix first, easy to make cake using a few extra mrs-os-1ingredients which are 100g warm meted sunflower spread, 200ml rice milk, 1 tsp. pure vanilla extract and 1tsp. white wine vinegar. The ingredients can be found in any local supermarket I used Tesco. It takes roughly 40-50 minutes and once done I served mine with some lovely vanilla Ice Cream, the product tastes just as good if not better than any other shop bought Cake Mix, myself, Nicky and the kids loved it that much it was gone before I even got a picture.

mrs-os-3The second product sent to me is of cause the Brownie Mix. I love Brownies so I could not wait to try them, again you needed a few extra ingredients as you do with most mixes. This time the ingredients were 100ml Rice Milk, 100ml Sunflower Oil, 2tbs. Maple Syrup, 1tbs. golden syrup and 2tsps. pure vanilla extract, you can also optionally add non-dairy choc chips which of cause I did. The recipes takes a lot less to bake than the vanilla cake mix maybe a little bit more prep though! My brownies took only 20 minutes and the smell from them was to die for! The whole house smelt beautiful and once I took the out of the oven I just wanted to dig in however I did wait for them to cool. The first bite was just heaven and before we knew it they were all gone. I did get pictures of the brownies sadly my SD card has been borrowed by a family friend so once I have it back I will update this blog with the mouth watering photos.

The products I would have to rate a huge 10/10 which I must say surprised me in the taste and quality having tried various of gluten free products these were by far the best. Go check out Mrs O’s site HERE and if you buy some tag me in some delicious photos!



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