2 Top Notch Breakfast ideas

I love a good breakfast and in todays blog I want to share two of my favourites, if you have been following me on twitter I have been messing about trying some recipes and these two I think you’ll all love.

First breakfast is a fantastic tasting Egg with Avocado on toast recipe I call it ‘Jord’s AvoEgg’ (I just made that as I’m typing this blog).

breakfasr-1What you need: one egg (I use organic), half an avocado, two rations of bacon (I use unsmoked) and a slice of bread (I use Tesco’s finest Marble Rye).

Method: Pretty simple really throw your bacon under the grill and then get some water and start to boil it add a tsp of vinegar in too, when the water is boiled turn it to a simmer. When adding your egg to the simmering water swirl the water first then in a cup put your egg into the swirling water to help it poach better. The egg will only take 4-6 minutes, while that’s happening put bread into the toaster and get it how you like it once done start plating up, put avocado onto the toast and smash it with a folk. Add your rations of bacon and make a cross then your egg on top. If you want finish it with a sprinkle of fresh parsley.

Next recipe just looks as good as it tastes and that’s my natural yogurt start to the day. I feel this recipe can be made the evening before for a quick grab out of the fridge.yogurt-desert

What you need: Natural Yogurt (I’m using Activia), Fruit (I was using pomegranate however strawberries, raspberries etc work great), Muesli (I just used Tesco’s own) and for extra flavour use honey or maple syrup.

Method: Nothing is easier and as quick as this, start off by adding yogurt to the bottom of your bowl, then add some muesli, then more yogurt and guess what Muesli again continue till your bowl is full. At the top finish off with either Muesli or Yogurt and add final fruit and if you want Maple syrup or honey.

If you do try these recipes please tweet me a picture and I will retweet. (Twitter is @JordLaidler.

I do hope you enjoyed these recipes and if you have any tips on making them better just comment below.


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