A Day of hunting (Graphic Content)

15204026_10210976451832025_335517779_oToday I decided early hours to head out ferreting with a good friend, I wanted some rabbits to make rabbit stew next week. Instead of taking the rifle over we decided on using Ferrets and the dogs to mark the sets.

A bitterly freezing and frosty morning in Durham, I woke up at 05:00hrs and prepped my gear, thankfully my friend has the ferrets and working dog so all I had to do was bring Brew and Food. We set off roughly 05:30hrs and headed to the land we have permission on, on route we had a wonderful sight of two foxes playing together on the field. This was my first experiences of seeing the beautiful animal, I do want to point out that I do not under any circumstances hunt Foxes and certainly don’t agree with hunting this magnificent animal.

We hit out first sets at roughly 06:00hrs and the dog marked it right away, we placed our 15205685_10210976451592019_1603282395_onets and put the ferret down within minutes we had our first rabbit, a good size male. We then tried the set again in case any more were in however that was not to be. The second set was only a few feet away and again the dog marked, we were waiting a rather long time and the rabbit was putting up a rather good fight with the ferret. Eventually the rabbit made a break for it after getting tangled in the net it got away, the set did however produce our second rabbit of the day.

The next few sets taking roughly an hour to do due to large brambles did not produce much as there was a lot of very stubborn rabbits that would not come out (who would if you knew what was going to happen). We then tried a set which we seen a rabbit dart into, it took a good 8-10 minutes but finally the rabbit came out and we had our third of the day.

15204110_10210976450992004_1190504377_oWe decided we’d do one last set which we had done previously a few weeks back and got two rabbits out of a new set we had found. The dog marked very well and we set up the nets we never even got into position when a rabbit bolted out straight into our net, we had four which we were really happy about. We decided four would be enough and started heading back home.

All rabbits caught today will be used in a rabbit stew next week where I will share the recipe with you, I know this blog is relatively short and not to some peoples tastes however I do hope those who do want to read it enjoyed it.





7 thoughts on “A Day of hunting (Graphic Content)

    1. Hi Helen, my complete apologies for not replying for two weeks as I never got notified of your comment.

      When it comes to hunting the main things I watch out for is the movement of the rabbit if I am shooting rabbits often show very easy signs of myxomatosis, such as slow movement/reactions but the best and most efficient way to check would in their eyes. What a rabbit has this horrible decease the eyes change completely they become a grey colour often the rabbit is blind it is pretty easy to spot and notice. I also think of it as how zombie eyes are that murky white colour. If you have any worries that the rabbit may have the decease then I would avoid eating it.

      Glad to see someone who is interested in Hunting rather than sending rather horrible threats my way due to this content. Hope you had a fantastic Halloween!



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