Living off the land (Update)

The other day I launched a blog for Foraging and Hunting (Living off the land) and after a surprisingly good response on the blog itself I will be starting a blogging series next year following each month and what you can find to eat in those months.

The series will be two blogs a month 1 for hunting (Living off the Land: Hunter) and the other for foraging (Living off the land: Forager), the two blogs will be released each month giving you details on what you can forage/hunt and how to find them.

I will also be starting a blog for people who are interested in growing their own fruit and veg and also having chickens, ducks etc. These blogs are part of my Country Lifestyle push next year and will hopefully show you a lot of things I do to keep spending down and having great food to eat.

I would be open to working with similar bloggers on these areas for guest blogging, if you’re interested leave your details below in the comment section and I will contact you.


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