Living of the Land:

I’ve decided I wanted to do a little blog on one of my biggest hobbies and that’s foraging and hunting, due to obvious opinions of my readers I will not posting any images of hunting and will only stick to little detailed story in the hunting area.

You may think oh god he’s a Bear Grylls wannabe well you’re wrong I much rather be Ed Stafford, not heard of him well go check him out what a fantastic bloke he is and takes what Bear Grylls does to the utter extreme. But lets face it, I’m far from as tough as those guys and quick to moan about the cold so I wont be good for a winter survival situation. However, I do enjoying foraging, fishing and Hunting.

So before we get into detail I’d like to point out when it comes to hunting I do not hunt for sheer fun of it and merely hunt when I need to, I don’t hunt all year round and just wait for the rabbiting season. I only kill what I need, so I certainly don’t kill 10 rabbits or more, all the meat gets used and soon I’ll be sharing great game recipes on here. I’m looking into getting more into hunting different animals for meat next year and would love to share the stories on here.

I tend to forage berries and wild herbs which are so easily found in England, myself and Nicky can pretty much live of what I find in the wild but obviously I love to go to the supermarket or butchers for some great products too.

The major benefits of living from what you hunt or find in the wild is simply money saving, you can spend a fair bit of money for herbs which with a bit of knowledge you can find so easily on a walk. Meat can be expensive and rabbit is so easy to find and they mainly over populate too so killing a few really helps the land and your local farmers. Other meat like pheasant can be found around this time of year but I will get into more detail on that later on my blogs.

My typical day of foraging and hunting would mainly start at 6am meet a good friend of mine with the dogs and we’ll head to our first set (Set’s are where a group of rabbits holes are). The first rabbit we catch we will use for lunch and cook up some grub and have a hot brew around lunch time. We can spend up to and more than 12 hours out foraging and hunting, great exercise too! We have permission from a lot of local land owners so we have no problem when it comes to hunting however if you’re just starting out then get in touch with your local farmer.

I would love to do more blogs like this as I’m a massive country lifestyle lover, I know it’s going to be a rather funny as a lot of people dislike hunting.

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