Morse Toad Review [Sponsored Post]

So, I was fortunate enough to get a great product to review from Morse Toad, now I know you like chocolate unless you’re one of those weird ones (just joking keep reading please as there’s a treat in it for you), if you’re not then you will know someone who indeed loves it!

I ordered the chocolate on the 17/11/2016 and it arrived sharply on the 19/11/15152989_340745936295129_55875983_o2016 without any delivery payments for quick delivery. The issue I had with the delivery is it was posted through the door and made a whopping thump as it hit the floor, I thought it may have broken the chocolate. Thankfully the packing (seen right) was fantastic and certainly a plus point.

So let me explain who Morse Toad are and what this fantastic company do. As you will already know now they do chocolate, but not only do they do that but they personalise it too! As you can see by the picture on left below I have had “Jordan Laidler” customised on my chocolate. The company offers a great opportunity to get someone a great gift which has that special touch of personalisation on it making it more personal.


Now you maybe thinking oh now you can get cheap chocolate which lets be honest tastes like poop, however surprisingly I must say the chocolate which you get from Morse Toad is delightfully good, in fact Nicky said it tastes a lot like Magic Stars!

The product looks great and tastes great plus you get a lot of options on the site to do your own designs! For your chocolate you can write up to 44 characters (11 per row) of cause the more rows the more it costs (it is more chocolate after all). You can also add a free customised personal card (as seen on the image to the left) or if you want to add your own pictures it’s just a £1, Bargain!

Before ordering mine I went around the whole site checking out all the features and all the customisable options and there’s plenty of them, you could spend hundreds of pounds ordering awesome looking and tasting chocolates and guess what it’s not even that expensive, seriously it’s pretty cheap! Now you can go and buy a custom card from moon pig or whatever for someone but after Christmas, Birthdays or whatever it eithers get thrown in the bin or stored in a dusty bag, what Morse Toad allows you to do is get someone a great gift / card that they can truly enjoy, like I said above everyone likes Chocolate!

So what are you waiting for go over to and get ordering! Oh and just because MorseToad are totally awesome they’ve thrown in this great discount code for 10% off till Christmas day ‘HappyToadmas’ (I’d like to point out I will not be receiving any money if you use this code, this is simply to benefit you not me).

I’d like to give a big thank you to Dicky from Morse Toad who so kindly allowed me to test, taste and review this awesome product, if you order one please tag me in a tweet of it by sending it to myself @JordLaidler and also to Morse Toad @Morse_Toad.

Many thanks

*I want to point out that all views are my own and I have not been influenced in any way. I am just simply writing a review.


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