Getting Inked

Ever been tattooed or thought about it? Well in this blog I’m going to share some of my personal experiences.

So I got my first tattoo at the lovely age of 17 which I must admit right now I regret it (just sleeve-tattoolike my old man said I would) I will not be showing it so you cant laugh! Like my father I love tattoos and I have a small collection I want to grow on. The sleeve which you can see in the picture on the right was started when I was 18 by a tattoo artist called Jordan Reay (Click on the name to check his Instagram out) Jordan is a very very talented artist and he done my second tattoo (pictured right) which is a sleeve, a completely original design that I let him do as I had trust in him.

The tattoo was my first big tattoo and to say the least I was pooing it, although I had already had a tattoo the size difference was simply massive, needles in general do bother me I absolutely hate them! However for those worried about needles it’s not as bad (I really don’t know why it just isn’t). If you’re worried about the pain of a tattoo then start small however do some research because certain parts of the body don’t hurt as much as others, I also want to point out that people who say Tattoos don’t hurt are full of poop, they will hurt but pain thresholds are different to each person. For example my arm the outer arm (where the scull is) did not hurt that much however the inner arm hurt a hell of a lot more (maybe I’m just a softy).

Getting Your First Tattoo

So if you’re going to be getting your first tattoo or toying with the idea of getting some cool art on your body then I’d like to ask you to make sure it’s something you really want and the location in where the tattoo is. My artist (Jordan) will discuss these type of concerns prior to inking you in fact because I was joining the army (at the time of starting my sleeve) he refused to ink my hand in case it messed up the joining process. A good artist will help you decide a good place for it and wont just do it for the sake of it, also another thing is to make sure the right person is tattooing you. Did you know some tattoo studios can be as unclean as a rest room (I know ewww), make sure you go and see the artist and studio prior to booking ink. Don’t just get a tattoo for the sake of it like I did and another thing don’t go to someone’s house because that’s also what I did (What an idiot).

My sleeve in pictures:

I’d like to not this tattoo sleeve is not finished and has not been worked on for over a year due to being too busy with work and family things.

Have tattoos yourself? Send me picture on twitter @JordLaidler.

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9 thoughts on “Getting Inked

    1. Sorry for the late reply Alice hun, what tattoo do you have and it’s an addiction I have the sleeve and the one I regret. However, I have a few more planned next year including another sleeve and maybe a leg sleeve with zombie style Disney characters haha.


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