Men’s Christmas Gift Ideas:

My men’s Christmas gift ideas blog is to give you an idea of some great gifts you could get your husband, boyfriend, son, dad brother etc for Christmas. Now of cause there’s the obvious that all males get at Christmas and that’s the fifty billion sets of lynx (Do we all smell or something?). But I’ve been doing some browsing on the interwebs and in store for some nice stocking filler gifts any man would love.

1. Chilli Ch0colate Roulette:                

chilli-chocolate-rouletteSo, my first gift choice is a product I think will be enjoyed by the whole family (no babies!), if you’re anything like me and love a bit of family fun then Chilli Chocolate Roulette from Debenhams could be perfect. The gift costs £5.40 and I feel it would really generate excitement in a little game around the table with the family. Get product by clicking HERE


2. AI Stunt Drone:

droneAll men have an inner big kid and what’s better than a drone, right? Well M&S have this great mini drone that is sure to bring the inner child out of your man, for just £39.40 the drone is cheap in comparisons to the larger ones. This awesome little gadget will have any man outside playing likes he’s ten years old. Go check it out HERE



3. Student Dares Book:

student-daresA gift for those students out there or anyone who likes dares in fact, I was looking at the ASOS site and came across this little beauty. Now I’m a massive fan of Dares and my original YouTube channel that I done with a friend was all about dares (won’t be linking it). The book costs £5.99 and I think you’d certainly get a lot of fun out of it. Check it out HERE



4: Men’s Grooming Kit:


Now I’m a sucker for grooming kits and when I saw this on amazon I wanted straight away (hinted to Nicky a few times..). Costing just £11.88 which is a bargain, if you know a man in need of some grooming get this great product HERE



5: Black Evo Next Virtual Reality Headset

evoHas anyone seen the new PS4 VR it’s look amazing! However it’s extremely expensive so why not check out this more affordable stocking filler. TK Maxx have this great product for just £19.99 and it would make a great gift to any man who loves his tech and wants a PS4 VR (Watch the disappointment I recommend getting a PS4 VR box as well). Click HERE


I  hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and I certainly hope it’s help generate some ideas, if you do buy these gifts please share a picture on twitter of them on Christmas day tweet @JordLaidler.


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